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Authentic Bhutan Tours

Authentic Bhutan Travel is a Bhutan based tour operator that specialize in Bhutan.

A trekking tour in Bhutan – The Best Way to Know the Land of Dragon

Contrasted with Nepal, trekking in Bhutan is very troublesome – people believe that only the experienced can have the pleasure of experiencing trekking expeditions here. Yes, the slopes will, in general, be practically vertical. The atmosphere is a lot windier, damper and colder than in Nepal. Here one cannot go trekking alone without having someone who knows the way. There is constantly a threat of getting lost. Disregarding every one of these perils, trekking in Bhutan is additionally intriguing.

Bhutan Trekking Tours

Let us know how to endeavor trekking here. The best way is to be in touch with reputed tour operators who organize Bhutan trekking tours. They organize the best tours taking care of every aspect of the safety and comfort of the trekkers. Let us know some facts so that we can understand Bhutan better while we trek.

Where is Bhutan?

The location of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is between the two gigantic neighboring nations of China and India and is on a generally similar latitude as Cairo. At 38,394 square kilometers, it is around 10% littler than Switzerland. It is a rugged nation with a broad regular fringe shaped by high mountains toward the north, ascending to over 7000m, and essentially obstructed wilderness toward the south, and has the most elevated normal height of any nation on the planet.

Bhutan is the world's most bumpy nation, included for the most part of slopes and mountains from 200m to 7000m and above. Around 18 percent of the absolute land territory is above 4200m and covered by snow and glaciers.

Reasons to go trekking in Bhutan

Outsiders did not have the permission to enter Bhutan until recently; the principal paying traveler bunch visited the nation in 1974. The Bhutanese accepted for quite a while that a thunder mythical serpent shielded the nation and its kin from any trespassers or insidiousness spirits. For ages, the nation has segregated herself from the outside world in her endeavor to protect her civilization. Trekkers have the pleasure to, now get the opportunity to visit and explore a once segregated nation and Bhutan holds the capacity to energize, elevate and move all who go there.

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